Michael Thomas is a software engineer.

About Me

My name is Michael Thomas and I live and work in NYC.

I'm currently trying to re-imagine the consumer experience of healthcare. If you want to help, send me an email.

I used to work at OpenMail where I helped lead engineering and built a data analytics platform. Before that I worked at Scopely, a startup that builds and publishes mobile games.

Previously I led the development of the visible side of ScoreBig.com. Before ScoreBig, I led the software development team at a local college and led technology briefly at a small tech company. I've been doing web development, programming, and consulting since high school.



PhoneID allows users to log into websites using their phone as their identity instead of a username and password. For developers it removes the work of storing passwords or traditional forgotten password flows. It won best B2B app at the 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

Social Jukebox

The Social Jukebox is an SMS controlled, collaborative jukebox. It won 2nd place overall at the 2012 Hollywood Hack Day as well as two sponsor prizes.


I created TweetGo to meet a personal need (no good Twitter client on my then smartphone) and found that there are a few thousand others who were in the same boat. Even though I've moved on to an iPhone, I still use TweetGo on my iPad semi-regularly. I thought this would fade into total obscurity, but over half a year later, I'm still getting thousands of pageviews a day and have a thousand or so consistent users.

tweetgo.net on github | tweetgo.net site


I'm facinated by machine learning, distributed systems, and using engineering to make companies profitable. I love building elegant, scalable solutions to hard problems. I also like solving problems using Pivot Tables in Excel (when needed). Python is my favorite language. Redis and cassandra are my favorite data stores.

Elsewhere on the Internet

Feel free to contact me at mbthomas@gmail.com.